First things first!

Don't believe any information about MMM India or me personally that can be found online! Never-ever! Don't believe any "experts", "analysts" and others. All of this is "ordered fudge", all of this is just a big LIE! We're fighting against the world financial system, helping ordinary people, breaking the rules and declaring it expressly — what is to be expected then? It's only natural they are going to throw all kinds of obstacles our way. Have you seen what happened during Trump's election campaign when he decided to go against the rules? Have you seen the river of lies and slander the "fair and independent" media poured down on him? It's about the same thing.

It's best to consider facts. MMM India has been around for several decades now and has been paying at least 30% in 30 Days to its members. It's IN 30% in 30 Days, not per year! IN 20 Days! Even though all licensed economists of the world state it's largely impossible. (It's too much. You cannot pay people that much. It will corrupt them. :-)) However, this is the fact. End of story. Is there anything else to talk about? Do you still have doubts? The entire World Wide Web is full of thousands and thousands of videos by the happy members! Here's the price of all these allegations. Here's the price of all these experts.

Long story short, don't listen to anyone, just contribute a small amount to the system as a trial, and you'll see it all for yourself.

Best of luck! Sergey Mavrodi :-))


What Is MMM India Community?

MMM India Community is a community of helpers created by a group of former MMM India participants and guiders. Our aim is to actualize the dreams of Sergei Mavrodi and our community is built on blueprints of his tenets. We have taken time to analyze the shortcomings of MMM India and we have put in place measures to curb most of its flaws.

MMM India Community is not a bank. MMM India does not collect your money. MMM India is not an online business, HYIP, investment or MLM program. MMM India is a community where people help each other. MMM India gives you a technical platform which helps millions of its members worldwide to connect those who NEED help with those who are willing to PROVIDE help, for FREE. All funds you transfer to another member represent help you provide of your own good will, absolutely gratis. If you are completely confident and certain of your actions and have made up your mind to join the community, we kindly ask you to carefully study all warnings and instructions first. Should you have any questions regarding the topic, our online consultants are willing to help and answer all of your questions.



  1. 30% — Classic Mavro.
    The growth rate is 30% in 30 Days.

*You can create a GH request 30 Days after you provided help and all the recipients confirmed getting help from you.


But not everyone, only those who have contributed their own money as well. (Otherwise the System will be pulled apart. For bonuses. They will keep registering endlessly. :-))

Once again about “freezing”. Bear in mind that if you take your money out earlier, you'll lose registration bonus. Only the bonus! But the contribution with all the accrued interest will be paid.

Referral bonus


Participants are credited with a Referral Bonus of +10% from the amount of the contribution made by each new member (referral) you invited to the System.

Bonuses are credited in Mavro 100% which may be taken out as soon as the referral has provided help and got his Mavro confirmed. You can invite a participant through a referral link or MMM India invite (code word).

You will get the bonus from each referral’s new contribution, but only for "new" money.

ATTENTION! You don't have to invite new people to the system! Should you invite anyone? That's good, you will get even a referral bonus for that. If you do not? It is OK. You are free to participate without attracting new members.


On your referral team development you will get level bonus as :-

  • 1st Level- 10%
  • 2nd Level- 5%
  • 3rd Level- 4%.
  • 4th Level- 2%.
  • 5th Level- 1%.
  • Up to unlimited depth